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Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail

In the last 5 years, the City of Upland has been steadily increasing resources to transform Historic Downtown Upland into a viable commercial and residential hub in the city.  These revitalization efforts have been made possible by federal dollars invested into Downtown specific economic development programs, Public Works infrastructure projects and proactive action by City staff to identify and recruit new business ventures and residential projects to the area.  The goal is to make Historic Downtown Upland a destination place that offers an enjoyable variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options for residents and visitors alike.


The Development Services Department invited the public to participate in a Community Meeting in February for review and comment on the Historic Downtown Upland Urban Open Space Project (“Project”). To create an epicenter for Downtown events, congregations, public art, and open space.  Community members were encouraged to participate by sharing ideas of what types of amenities would benefit the neighborhood such as benches, display of historical fruit labels, water fountains for humans and pets, and of course drought tolerant landscaping.  Also discussed at this meeting were possible names to be considered for the new downtown plaza project.  Upland celebrates its rich historical citrus industry and the founders who made Upland what it is today.



The City of Upland has just completed the construction of a gender-neutral public bathroom adjacent to the PE Trail for trail users.  The City is considering an open-air plaza that could be used for intimate concerts or public gatherings.  Stay tuned for future announcements of public meetings and the progress of this historic transformation of downtown Upland.


Downtown Plaza Project

Historic Downtown Upland Urban Open Space Project (a.k.a. “Historic Downtown Plaza Project” a.k.a “Old Magnolia Plaza”) is located between 2nd and 3rd Avenues and adjacent to the Pacific Electric Trail.  Creating a pleasant and inclusive Downtown environment by improving the aesthetics of the hardscape and landscape while preserving historical character and charm.   Expanding the amenities to this location adjacent to the PE Trail is vital for the neighborhood as well as visitors who ride their bikes to Upland to shop or have breakfast at Molly’s Souper that is right around the corner.


The project involves the Development of an urban open space on 0.69 acre in size of vacant land located on the Pacific Electric Trail between Third Avenue and Second Avenue to be used as a "Downtown Plaza" and continue the City's efforts to revitalize the Downtown area. Public Input is sought as to community amenities and overall design of the project.  The City of Upland has put safety first by adding a new signal at Euclid Blvd., for cyclists and pedestrians to cross this busy thoroughfare.   With the help of SBCTA, Upland was able to install this traffic signal and identify other locations for trail improvements in the future.  Have you visited downtown Upland lately, please comment below?



Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail

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