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Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail

One of the many features that makes the City of Upland California unique is that they have a real “downtown” neighborhood which is the very center of commerce for their residents.  The City has grown successfully without loosing their neighborhood charm.  The City center combines their library, fire department, city hall and other businesses within walking distance from the heart of the town on 2nd avenue.  The City recently partnered with SBCTA (San Bernardino County Transportation Authority) to install a signal at the trail crossing of the Pacific Electric Trail at Euclid for safety.  Upland has a rich history in the citrus industry and offers the Historical Cooper Museum that tells the story of the early years.



Celebrating their downtown area with a proposed new park is exactly what the city needs.  Fortunately, the 21-mile Pacific Electric Trail crosses right through the downtown area where many frequently ride their bikes to Molly’s Souper for breakfast or attend the Farmers Market behind the fire department on Saturday mornings.  Mayor Debbie Stone and City Council approved plans for adding a pocket park to the downtown area which is referred as the Old Magnolia Plaza between 2nd and 3rd avenues adjacent to Mitchell’s Plumbing this could be transformative.  The second parklet, “Sage Park” will be built to compliment the 78-unit townhome development at the corner of Ninth and Bodenharmer streets and be maintained by the developer and open to the public.



COVID-19 has forced all of us to examine alternate ways to exercise due to gyms closing.  We need the health benefits from walking, running, or riding our bikes safely and what better place to social distance and have fun than walking or riding on the PE Trail?  When municipalities and SBCTA work together and strategically invest in our communities, our residents’ benefit, and neighborhoods transform.  All five cities: Montclair, Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, and Rialto lease the Pacific Electric Trail right of way and improve and maintain the Trail for their residents and visitors in their cities. Improvements that bring communities together socially or provide a destination location for a bike ride or a walk, help us all stay physically and mentally healthy while having fun. 


Personally, I am thrilled at the idea of a new parklet in the downtown area of Upland and cannot wait to see the comprehensive park plan and concept drawings soon.  Possible shade trees, bike racks, picnic tables, shade structures, BBQ’s, etc., are all inviting amenities that compliment public space.  The many eateries, breweries, shops that would benefit from increased foot and bike traffic could be a dream come true, just when America needs to invest the most. The opportunities for partnerships might be just around the corner.  It is important to note that when a business converts one parking stall for a car into a mini-bike parklet that can accommodate 10 bicycles, do the math, it is simple.  One patron who arrived in a car VS 10 patrons who arrive on a bike.  Remembering to include bike parking ensures that cyclists have a safe place to secure their bikes while they dine or shop. Cyclists are loyal customers, spend money and tend to tell their friends and families to join them or “Meet-up” at their favorite eatery especially if there is a bike ride included.


What eateries to you like to ride your bike to with friends, please comment below.

Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail

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