Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Remembering The Alta Loma Packing House


The next stop on our Tour is the historic ALTA LOMA PACKING HOUSE

Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail


The Alta Loma Packing House was built in 1926 and is one of the few remaining remnants of Cucamonga’s rich citrus and wine industry. From the packing that was situated on the rails of the Pacific Electric Railroad, produce was shipped all over America. There was another NEARBY packing house that was built in 1913, but sadly it burned down in the 70’s.

In the early 20th century, there were competing “citrus grower” associations in the area and in 1920 they merged to form the “American Fruit Growers.”  This consortium convinced Henry Huntington to adjust the Pacific Electric rail line north into Alta Loma to help the growers get their harvest shipped sooner, instead of loading and unloading their trucks to transport into Pomona.

After the use of rail lines diminished completely in the early 1990’s, the packing house fell into a dormant state and stood as a reminder of the citrus and wine industries that flourished here for decades.  In the last few decades, it had been a discount goods store, a Vegan Grocery store, as well as a bicycle co-op location that provided free bike repair for cyclists on the adjoining Pacific Electric Trail. 

It is currently under new ownership and the management team is developing a complete renovation to transform over 27,000 square feet into a thriving business center and public market that will include: shops, restaurants, bike parking, and distilleries and more. The vision for this beautiful packing house will breathe new life into the Alta Loma neighborhood and become a destination place for walkers, cyclists and visitors that enjoy the Pacific Electric Trail.  We look forward to its revitalization! Did you ever wonder if the Alta Loma Packing House will be restored?  Please comment below.

Dennis Jones

Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail




Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail

 Dennis Jones Friend of the Pacific Electric Trail

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