Sunday, June 28, 2020

Unveiling Our New Queen

Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lady, and I am a gorgeous Golden Lab who was just unanimously voted the cutest dog on the Pacific Electric Trail.  It’s about time that I got the deserved recognition that I’m due.   I have done a bit of traveling and have lived in Rancho Mirage, Albuquerque, Kauai, then back to California where I call Oceanside my home with my pet human, Russell.  I was just a little puppy at the doggy orphanage when our eyes met, and he could see that I was so cute but scared, so Russell adopted me and took me home. Yes, it’s true, blondes do have more fun.   We take good care of each other and have been “besties” for 14 years.

I have another roommate/bestie named Myrtle who is part of our kennel/home.  We all go for walks together and keep each other company while the humans are at work.  I miss my older brother, Cosmo who used to play with me as a puppy but eventually I grew up and let him know that I was the top dawg.  He is gone now, but his scent is still in my nose . . . I will never forget him.

I like walking on the P E Trail mostly in the morning when I have more energy.  The Trail seems to have gotten longer as I have gotten older.  I am a frequent visitor of the Trail when I go on vacation to my home away from home in Rancho Cucamonga.  One of my favorite spots on the Trail is the Route 66 Trailhead because there are so many other four-legged friends to meet there.

When I am walking on the Trail, I can tell who has already been there because my nose tells me if a coyote or a pesky squirrel or rabbit or other mysterious canine cousins have been there before me. These days, everyone is preoccupied with taking pictures of themselves and their canine friends, and without asking for permission I might add!  Didn’t they get the word yet that I have been named the cutest dog on the Trail?

So, while Tommy may be the reigning King of the Trail, he now has a Queen.  Tommy can still occupy his throne, but this new Queen wants to know, “So where’s my crown and is it made of rawhide?”

It is time for my afternoon nap now and I only have one pet peeve:  my belly does not get rubbed enough for my taste, more pampering please. 

Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail

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