Monday, May 11, 2020

By popular demand the resurgence of BIKING

Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail
Courtesy of RC Photo Club
Is it my imagination or are there more bikes on the Trail?  Bike month 2020 is going strong and what better way to celebrate with our community than by jumping on the PE Trail for a spin.  After a long work week, we look forward to our Saturday morning bike rides on the Pacific Electric Trail where we always pass by friends and neighbors doing the same.   We have found that the best time to ride for us is first thing in the morning when the weather is still cool, and the Trail is not super busy.  What a delightful surprise to see that we were not the only ones with the same idea, as the Trail was busy with runners, walkers, parents pushing strollers and of course cyclists.  We hopped on the Trail at Vineyard and headed East towards Fontana with the goal of reaching the I-15 freeway.  We stopped counting cyclists at 250 and the number of runners and walkers surpassed that.

With the current work shut down, bike sales worldwide have jumped through the roof with many bike shops selling out.  From coast to coast, bike Inventory is flying off the shelves as the number of people who want to start riding again has increased over 200%.  Many bike shops have waiting lists for back ordered inventory and bike repair is backed up due to the number of folks who have rediscovered the joy of cycling.  Some bike shop owners are hiring bike techs to keep up with the demand.

The Pacific Electric Trail is so popular because it is a Class 1 bike trail designed for pedestrians and cyclists only.  Almost everyone was wearing face coverings and nodding or waiving as we rode past each other.  The trail traffic is such a wonderful sight to see.  We captured a quick picture of a doggie memorial that was dedicated to someone’s pet named “Sophie” and a beautiful yellow rose was placed on top.  Everyone we engaged with had the same feeling of joy in just getting outside in the sunshine and fresh air for exercise.  We saw that someone posted a picture of one of the many kindness rocks painted and placed by Healthy RC.
Courtesy of Healthy RC Living

When we arrived at our destination in Fontana, we met a couple of fellas that rode out from Rancho Cucamonga that ride the trail weekly.  On our return trip, we stopped to help another couple who were making minor bike repairs and luckily my husband had the tool that was needed to help Ray out.  They shared with us that one of the main reasons why they bought a home in Rancho Cucamonga is because of the PE Trail.

As we approached Central Park, we stopped to talk with Woody and his Pit Bull who goes by the name of “Baby”.   It seems that Baby is very social and enjoys walking on the PE Trail on a regular basis.   Baby posed for a couple of pictures before she saw another dog to play with.  There were too many dogs to count because this Trail is a family friendly Trail for both 2 and 4-legged family members.

On our return trip, we stopped to talk with a group of students who were training at Elena Park that is adjacent to the PE Trail.  These dedicated coaches were proud to be working with the college students, committed to helping them stay fit before they go off to college later this Fall.  Everyone has a story to tell why they appreciate the Pacific Electric Trail and how it is a part of their regular fitness rout.  Weather for weight loss, mental wellness, stress reliever, a healthy dose of sunshine, or just the desire to leave the house the PE Trail does not disappoint.  The PE Trail, like others is experiencing a surge of popularity.  Across the world, people are turning to the great outdoors now that they have more time on their hands and discovering bike trails in their community.

We have colleagues who commute to work on the Trail and catch the Metrolink into downtown five days a week.  His ride home is especially enjoyable as a stress reliever after a long day at work.  The PE Trail is a good fit for everyone.  The 21-mile Regional Pacific Electric Trail connects six neighboring cities and operates 24/7, so it is always open when you need it. 

Community Bike Adventures
For cyclists that are looking for a larger experience and feel the need to celebrate cycling with other bike enthusiasts, you would do well to check out Wheelhouse Adventure Tours.  Our good friend and bike enthusiast, Mark Friis, developed a true cycling/camping tour business with bike tour adventures in northern California and Oregon.  Check out his 2020 adventure calendar and for more details visit.

If you have your own story to share about why you enjoy walking your dog, running with your kids, or cycling on the Pacific Electric Trail, we want to hear from you.  Please share why you enjoy the PE Trail @ #MYTRAILSTORY, until next time, “see you on the Trail.”
Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail
- Victoria Jones Friend of the Pacific Electric Trail
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