Sunday, May 31, 2020


Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail
Our statewide self-isolation started days after the beginning of spring. Before we knew it, spring has come and gone with some, if not most of us confined to our homes unable to enjoy the various blooms of the year.  Granted, there are several people who would feel grateful that allergy season was replaced with indoor activities with family – which is a pleasant relief to the sinuses.  A favorite or popular indoor activity included reading.   Be it inspirational, educational, comical, or other such relief, this has been a great outlet to achieving continued mental wellness.  We find ourselves caught up on all our reading lists, Netflix series of shows or movies, or enjoying the simpler things in life like a walk through the eyes of Tommy.  If you missed it last week, take a few minutes to read and enjoy some much-needed laughter, suitable for all ages.  Click here for “It’s a Dogs World.”

However, you have been spending your quarantine days these past couple of months, one thing is certain, there is some excitement about phasing out of self-isolation as we slowly see restaurants and other businesses begin to open back up.  Thankfully, our beloved Trail has never had to shut down.  For those that maintained their social distancing with face coverings to enjoy walking on the Pacific Electric Trail whenever possible, we thank you for doing so safely.  We saw you on your bikes, pushing strollers, walking with your pets proudly wearing your face coverings.  From biking to running or walking, the Trail has been our constant companion through it all and will continue to always be there for us.  We look forward to continuing to see you with those face coverings until we are completely rid of COVID-19.

For the times between our visits to our Trail, we would like to acknowledge that “stay at home” has been an interesting exploration of things we thought we already knew so well.  Our kids, our roommates, and or our pets for instance have existed before we started self-isolating, yet with so much time together, we’re finding a more intimate understanding of adapting to what these changes mean to each of us.

Those of us that have been working from home, have had the added pleasure of navigating through staying healthy while adjusting to the different dynamics at home.  If working from home means to work, then it quickly revealed dealing with the new co-workers and the many interruptions to live meetings from curious faces (kids/pets) peering into our screen and the like.  Even though these new changes, we have adjusted and perhaps will have more stories to look back on fondly.

It is in this spirit of new memories that the theme of Tommy, our furry, four-legged friend and coworker that we would like you to take a moment to capture and honor these doggie days of summer.  Saturday, June 20th may be the first official day of summer, but we have already gone through a few doggie days of summer, heatwaves, and all.  Let’s face it, heatwave or not, our pets will get their walk in.  It just means that we will have to start earlier in the morning or wait for the cool of the evening.

For the month of June, we would like to hear about all the fun, quirky, uplifting, interesting habits, and/or personal traits of your puppy’s adventures on the Pacific Electric Trail.  Is your dog a diva or a lizard chaser?  Tell us all about it.  Submit your story about your walking buddy and the best story will be featured and highlighted as a blog in the last week of June.  We ask that you take as many pictures relevant to both your story, and the Trail and remember to include their favorite parts of the Trail.  The last day to submit a story with pictures is Sunday, June 21, 2020, at noon.  All submissions to will be reviewed and placed on Facebook for voting.  Looking forward to some amazing stories to kick off the start of summer.
Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail
-Nina Mohammed

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