Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail
“It’s TIME! Let’s get our walk on, Dude!  Seems like every time you reach for my leash, I hear your phone ring and I gotta wait, yet again, for one of my long-awaited daily Trail walks.” 

I’m Tommy (918.tommy) and I’ve lived in Rancho for a few years now.  I’m from Fontana, but my family is originally from Mexico (I’m a Chihuahua, silly!).  I’m about 5, that is 35 in dog years, single, with a roommate.  My roommate says I’m “fixed”, but I don’t think there was ever anything broken - I don’t know about him sometimes.  Everyone wants to smother me with kisses and hugs, little kids seem to gravitate to me, and I get tagged in lots of pictures...must be my charming good looks. LOL

I LOVE taking walks around Rancho. I am way too handsome to spend the day inside - all the real action is out on the PE Trail.  That’s my favorite place to chill with my buddies, meet new friends, and it’s where all the cuties are, just waiting for me to brighten up their days.  I’m not picky... I like ‘em all: short, tall, shaggy, skinny, chubby, with or without outfits, dolled up or au-natural, just as long as they are single like me.  Of course, there are hundreds of light poles along the Trail and I think I’ve tagged ‘em all, and my nose tells me that I am not the only one who’s visited.

Before cruising the Trail, I like to stop and see my friends Margita and Ericka at Circle K. They are awesome and they kinda adopted me...I’m pretty much ALWAYS the Employee of the Month, and I cannot wait to waltz in and go directly to my bag of beef jerky treats behind the counter.

Next stop on our walk is a drop-in at the CW Feed store for more Scooby snacks and a quick couple gulps from the water bowl they always keep fresh.   Being so popular with so many store owners is grreeaat, but the downside is that I’ve sort of gained a few extra pounds.  Guess I will have to increase my daily walks to get back in shape hahaha (hint, roommate!).

It’s always been a little weird when my roommate saves my “deposits” in baggies, but
lately things have been even crazier around town.  My roommate and the other neighbors escorting my pals must have done something wrong because they are all wearing muzzles and masks. What is that all about? Is it Halloween again?

For me, it's still business as usual..just sniffin’ my way down the PETrail.  I can’t figure out how my roomie communicates with all the cars, but he somehow let’s all the cars know that I’m at the crosswalk and that they have to stop for me to safely cross the street.  In the summer, when the days heat up, I really wish there were more trees along the Trail for me to rest my paws and cool down. 

My roommate has been home more than ever before, so I’ve been spending more time training him.  He takes me for rides in his car; sometimes we head over to the breweries, sometimes it’s a longer ride out to LA to visit my friends.  My roomie feeds me, baths me and sometimes - if he has really been a good boy - he lets me sleep at the end of his bed.  He is my best friend and I think he knows it, but I don’t want him getting spoiled!

Well, that’s a little about me. I’ll be blogging more about my adventures...feel free to Follow Me on IG, or look for me on the PE Trail!

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